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University of Chicago Offers Students “Trump 101” Class

If you live anywhere near a college campus these days, you’ve seen it: mass panic, and mass confusion as hyper-liberal college students (and professors) come to terms with a man they’ve been told is the devil himself.

After going through every stage of grief, universities are trying to figure out how exactly to address the political upheaval that is a Trump presidency. University of Chicago is taking a characteristically academic approach.

Today an email was sent to students about a new course called “Trump 101” being taught by Anthropology professor William...

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The Agile Mindset: Learning for the Future

This blog is the second of a five-part series looking at how the Agile Mindset at Becker College prepares students for jobs that do not yet exist. The first entry in this collection provided an overview of the college’s affirmation of the Agile Mindset as the academic foundation that equips students to navigate change and create value in an ambiguous future. That post also gave historical insights and data on the impactful transition from the old to the new economy and focused on the continued impact on careers and the way we work.
The old economy of the not-so-distant...

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