5 new year’s eve ideas for teens who want to celebrate

3…2…1… Happy New Year! As you raise a glass and toast the start of 2018, don’t worry what your kids are up to. Plan ahead! These New Year’s Eve ideas for teens and tweens will help them celebrate the holiday without the lure of drugs, alcohol, and risky behavior.

Late Night Activity
See if your kids’ favorite hang out is offering late hours on New Year’s Eve. Ice skating rinks, climbing walls, and trampoline parks often host holiday parties complete with special lighting, balloon drops, and confetti to keep the kids entertained. Be sure to ask if this is a chaperoned event, or if guardians need to be present during the festivities.

Movie Theatre Marathon
Got a super quiet teen? Head to the movies and usher in the new year with a double feature. Stop at the snack bar to stock up on festive candies and popcorn to munch on during the marathon. Earn bonus points for tucking glow necklaces and party hats in your purse for the kids to wear during the shows!

Photo Source: Flickr / rickpilot_2000

Friends Sleepover Party

Gather your kids and their besties for a night of fun in a safe haven – your home! Plan for board games, movies, video games, and anything else they enjoy doing when they get together as a group. Plan special New Year’s Eve snacks, like sparkling grape juice in a champagne bottle and a tray of bite-size appetizers, so they feel like they’re at a grown-ups party. Don’t forget the party hats and kazoos!

Daytime NYE Party
Want to make New Year’s Eve a family affair? Plan to live it up at the stroke of … noon! A daytime party is the perfect way to share a special meal, play games, wear funny holiday gear (hats, glasses, necklaces), and talk about what was great about 2016. Have each family member share a positive memory from the previous year and something they hope to accomplish in 2017. Keep the gathering teen friendly by taking some family selfies, or let the kids live stream on social media to show off to their friends!

Photo Source: Flickr / Avarty Photos

Downtown Teen Night

Bigger cities often host several New Year’s Eve ideas for teens. Look to the under-21 night clubs and gaming centers for events. For a set price, these venues usually offer all-night activities, snacks, and party favors. Often these parties are lock-in events, where the teen is checked in by a guardian, then signed out upon pick-up. This ensures your child has a safe, chaperoned holiday while you attend a separate event!

The way to keep your teen safe – and enjoy a fabulous evening – is by guiding their actions. Having a plan in place for the night and keeping tabs on them with casual text message chats will make the night a success!