How mobile apps are revolutionizing education

How apps are revolutionizing educationWith the kids back in school, you might be thinking that at last they are setting aside their tablets, laptops, and consoles and having some time away from the technology while they get back to learning. In fact, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Technology is as large a part of education as it is every other part of 21st-century life. These days, there are all sorts of technological aids to learning.

7 memory hacks to help you quickly learn a new language

— by Jane Sandwood, writer and contributor at Mondly — Whether you are young or old , learning a new language can be a challenge. The degree of similarity between one’s native language and the language being learned can introduce additional obstacles to becoming fluent. If you are struggling along in your journey to master a new language, don’t give up! There are numerous techniques available to use to help boost your memory and become fluent sooner than you thought possible.

Why it’s never too late to learn a foreign language

If you plan to learn a foreign language, you might think it’s going to be really challenging. You’ve probably heard a lot of talk about how it’s easier to learn languages as a young child, and that learning as an adult can be difficult. You might even know friends or family members who have tried to learn a foreign tongue and failed. If you’re feeling discouraged, don’t be. We’re here to cheer you up with some good news and inspire you to get started.